TaSK Talented & Special Kidz

a support group for families who have children affected by an ASD and/or ADHD  

Aim of Task 


To meet and allow children to play in a comfortable and relaxed environment whilst


        supporting parents in similar situations

        allowing children affected and their siblings to meet up and see that they are not alone

       sharing information and exchanging ideas

       raising awareness of the needs of children and families

        pressing for better services for children and families

Including young people within Task is important to us; they are our future and have every right to be treated as part of the group.  Their input and contributions as to how the group is run is very important.

Objectives of Task


       to hold meetings for  parents, carers and their children in an informal way, encouraging play and activities as well as face to face support

       to bring parents, carers together to share experiences and reduce isolation

       to bring siblings together to share experiences and reduce isolation

       to have a contact list enabling members to support each other in-between meetings

       to go on family day trips

       to expand knowledge of local and national services